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    Keeping The Honey Queen Busy


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    Keeping The Honey Queen Busy

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:58 am

    I thought this would be a good place to discuss some ideas to keep the Honey Queen occupied during her visit.

    Visiting Schools seems to be a popular topic.

    Tonight we were also thinking we could coordinate with Island Naturals (for example) to do a sample Honey Tasting with some music (they often have music at events) with the Queen in attendance.

    A luncheon with some notables with Honey on the menu might be nice.

    Also, a local style mini ho'olaulea where we introduce the HQ to the island style of entertaining with a honey themed dishes and /or beekeepers in attendance would be fun...and she can talk about HNH when she gets home.

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